About UM


UM’s online presence began on twitter, where he started posting content with regards to leadership and character, combined with philosophy and psychoanalytic theory. He started writing threads that had a strong impact on his followers with many requesting him to start a blog.

UM is a Pharmacist who has worked over a decade in community and corporate management. His knowledge in emotions & human behavior stem from dealing with methadone clients recovering from addictions.

UM’s MBA & work experience in corporate management & management consultancy enables him to provide knowledge with regards to leadership, competence & career ascension. He has also extracted much of his father’s experience from similar background, and combined them to holistically deliver it on this site.


A lot of UM’s critical thinking is heavily influenced by Nitzschean philosophy & Freudian psychoanalytic theory. He strongly believes individuals to possess several multiple personalities, each with their own purpose & desires, and those who transcend in life have the capacity to integrate these personalities while pursuing their apex value.

He believes what truly determines success in life is an individual’s ability to tame their multiple personalities by integrating their shadow.



All memberships and subscription to the site has been removed. All articles are free and readily available. Access to UM’s telegram is no longer available due to time constraints. UM will continue writing content when he can.


[email protected]
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